About GME

After four years of medical school, resident physicians begin specialty training that can last up to nine years. This training—known as graduate medical education (GME)—teaches our next generation of physicians the skills they need to care for patients.

During GME training, residents provide hands-on care to patients, including seniors, veterans and the underserved, at teaching hospitals and in community clinics. They obtain the experience needed to deliver high-quality care.

Although residents play a critical role in our health care system, providing key resources to patients and communities, Congress routinely threatens to cut federal funding for this important training. Cutting GME means producing fewer physicians in the face of increased demand for services and limiting your access to care. We cannot afford to lose any GME funding.

How you can help

Protecting funding for GME training is essential to maintaining patient access to care.

"SaveGME" is an ongoing effort to encourage patients, physicians, residents and medical students to urge Congress to protect GME funding and training for our next generation of physicians.

Join the movement — tell Congress that adequate GME funding is essential to ensuring access to care for all Americans. Or, visit the Patients Action Network to see how cuts to GME could hinder your access to quality care.

About SaveGME