Protect federal funding for graduate medical education.

Left in the Cold

528 the number of U.S. medical graduates who did not match into a residency this year – more than double the number from last year. Why is this important?

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The Facts

Workforce experts predict the United States will face a physicianshortage of 130,000 by the year 2025.

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Residents Serve the Underserved

Though only around 6% of hospitals are teaching hospitals, approximately 40% of all charity care in the U.S. is provided by teaching hospitals.1

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Source: 1) AAMC. Preserve Medicare Support for Physician Training.

Residents Serve the Underserved

89% of teaching hospitals provide ambulatory services to HIV/AIDS patients compared to only 14% of non-teaching hospitals.2


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Source: 2) AAMC. Why Teaching Hospitals Are Important to All Americans.

Residents Provide Needed Care

Residents work between 40 - 80 hours per week, at a median first-year salary of $49,651, which equates to under 13 dollars per hour.3 Meanwhile, they are grappling with a crippling...

Background Person $166,750 Average Student Loan Debt $166,750 Average Student Loan Debt

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Source: 3) AAMC. Medical Student Education: Costs, Debt, and Loan Repayment Facts. 2011. Available at

Proposed GME Funding Cuts:

$11,000,000,000 11 Billion Dollars These cuts will affect over 30 million
Americans who will need care as a result of
the Affordable Care Act.

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Thousands Have Already Taken Action

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You Can Help

Tell Congress why adequate funding of Graduate Medical Education (GME) is essential to ensuring patient access to current and future medical services.

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