GME financing system needs overhaul. Read more on the AMA Wire.

Protect federal funding for graduate medical education.

GME financing system needs overhaul. Read more on the AMA Wire.

The Facts

Workforce experts predict the United States will face a physicianshortage of 130,000 by the year 2025.

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Residents Serve the Underserved

Though only around 6% of hospitals are teaching hospitals, approximately 40% of all charity care in the U.S. is provided by teaching hospitals.1

Background Person 8.4 Billion Dollars 8.4 Billion Dollars

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Source: 1) AAMC. Preserve Medicare Support for Physician Training.

Residents Serve the Underserved

89% of AAMC-member teaching hospitals offer AIDS services compared to 16% of nonteaching hospitals 2


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Source: 2)

Residents Provide Needed Care

Residents work between 40 - 80 hours per week, at a median first-year salary of $50,214, which equates to under 13 dollars per hour.3 Meanwhile, they are grappling with a crippling...

Background Person $169,901 Average Student Loan Debt $169,901 Average Student Loan Debt

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Source: 3) AAMC. Medical Student Education: Costs, Debt, and Loan Repayment Facts. 2011. Available at

Proposed GME Funding Cuts:

$11,000,000,000 11 Billion Dollars These cuts will affect over 32 million
Americans who will need care as a result of
the Affordable Care Act.

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Source: 3)

Thousands Have Already Taken Action

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You Can Help

Tell Congress why adequate funding of Graduate Medical Education (GME) is essential to ensuring patient access to current and future medical services.

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